Loan protection insurance at no extra cost to our Members!

One of the great attractions for a credit union loan is the loan protection on insurance. It repays the balance of the loan in the event of the borrowing member’s death. Cover is available for those in good health and carrying out normal occupational duties at the time the loan is granted. Members can take out a loan in the confidence that their next of kin will not have to pay off the balance of the loan if the borrower dies. Banks and other lending agencies charge a separate and expensive premium on top of the loan repayments for this service.

Under the basic policy, insurance cover would normally cease on the member’s 70th birthday, but Swilly Mulroy Credit Union specially extends their cover until members reach the age of 85.

To qualify for Loan Protection Insurance borrowers must give full and honest disclosure of their health status. Normally an underlying health problem will not disqualify a borrower from obtaining cover, provided the member is able to go about their normal occupational duties, but the insurer must be made aware of the condition before the cover can be effected.

Life savings insurance at no extra cost to you, the member!

Yes, it’s true, your savings accumulated, and not subsequently withdrawn:

  • Up to the age of 55 are insured at 100%
  • From age 55 to 60 are insured at 75%
  • From age 60 to 65 are insured at 50%
  • From age 65 to 70 are insured at 25%

Members should always leave their savings intact as withdrawals may have a detrimental effect on future life savings insurance claim. Savings up to €13,700 may be doubled in the event of a members death.

If you die, the loan dies with you!