New website but still the same us!

New website but still the same us!

By The Team
Monday, 8th October 2018
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credituOut with the Old and In with the New!

Hi Folks and welcome to Swilly Mulroy Credit Unions (SMCU) first ever blog.

We have introduced this feature along with our new website that we hope you all like. Feel free to have a nosey and send us your feedback and or comments. We hope to write a monthly blog in relation to topics or products of the credit union. We are new to this blogging scene so feel free to guide us along the way. Social media we feel may be the best way for you to guide us on what you want discussed so keep in touch and take part in our polls for topic choice etc along the way.

As you can see we have launched a new website and we could not go any further without a few thanks for making this happen. Firstly, a massive thanks to Webtrade for the production, extremely easy to work with and at all times taking our ideas on board and developing them into a portrayable feature. After that the Marketing committee, board of directors and SMCU management and staff, without your input, review and feedback the finished product would not be what it is to-day.

So back to our blog as we said its hoped to have a monthly banter (rant) in relation to some topic credit union orientated and we are going to set this off by discussing how all thing SMCU came to being.      

SMCU was founded 34 years ago. The idea was first muted at a meeting of the Fanad development association. As a result, the Irish league of credit unions was contacted and after a number of public meeting a study group was established. This group undertook in-depth analysis of the credit union philosophy, its operating principles and its business model. Registration of the new credit union was then applied for, accepted, and on the 18th April 1985 Swilly-Mulroy Credit Union held its first organisational meeting in the community centre at Tria-lough. This was a public meeting, however only SMCU members could partake in the voting process for the first board of directors.

Elected to the first board of Directors were John McGowan (deceased), Mick ‘Neddy’ Gibbons (deceased), Peter Doherty, John G Friel, James Coll, James Farrell, Pat Murphy, Martin Mc Vey, & Jimmy Begley (deceased). Elected as Supervisors were Lawrence Blaney Snr, Anne Martin, & Martin Mc Bride.

Since then SMCU has grown from strength to strength with some major milestones including:

·       1989 Site for office purchased in Kerrykeel

·       1992 Main office officially opened in Kerrykeel by Frank O'Kane, president ILCU & First full time     member of staff employed (Anyone remember who that was?)

·       1994 First computer system installed in main office & Sub offices rented and opened in Milford and Rathmullan

·       1997 Total assets of SMCU exceed 1 million Punts

·       2002 Total assets exceed 5 million Euro

·       2008 Total assets exceed 10 million Euro

·       2009 Purchase of premises for sub-offices in Milford and Rathmullan

·       2010 renovated and opened sub-offices & upgraded computer system.

·       2011 Launch of official website

·       2013 – Extension to existing Kerrykeel building

·       2014 – Joined CUSOP allowing electronic transactions to and from your credit union account

·       2015 - Online access to your credit Union Account

·       2018 – Foreign exchange and Death benefit Insurance introduced

Today SMCU can report some astonishing figures. It has a membership of 4,200 + people with total assets of €16 million and a loan book of over €5million. Due to the hard work and dedication of the volunteers since the beginning, the staff under the management of James Coll and the commitment/loyalty of you the members it is hoped SMCU will continue to grow and flourish well into the future.

Until next month folks’ thanks for reading and don’t forget to comment and or give us your ideas for future blogs on our social media platforms of Facebook, twitter, and Instagram.