Important Notice To All Members

Important Notice To All Members

By swillymulroycu
Saturday, 28th March 2020
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During the present Emergency, Cash Withdrawals will be limited to €500.00 per member, per week. This is to ensure that we can meet the cash needs of all our members during this crisis.

Larger amounts if required can be paid out by ; Cheque (made out to you or a 3rd party),

An Electronic Transfer to your bank,

Electronic Transfers to a 3rd party bank (to pay bills etc.)

Are you registered for our on-line access? You can view your accounts, transfer money between your Credit Union accounts and send funds to your bank or pay bills electronically etc.

To register for on-line access go to Click on Login, on right hand side of the new page, click on Register for online access and fill out the questionnaire, verify and submit. We will take it from there, and process your request promptly