Do You Know Your Credit Union Offers Larger Loans?

Do You Know Your Credit Union Offers Larger Loans?

By swillymulroycu
Monday, 2nd March 2020
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Swilly Mulroy Credit Union is inviting each and every one of its members to Imagine More! Imagine a member owned institution, designed to serve members, not profit from their needs. Imagine a democratic, community based institution that takes decisions locally in the best interest of members. Imagine a loan from a lender at the heart of your community! Imagine a straight-forward loan, with no sneaky conditions!

Imagine More is the brand new loan campaign from the credit union. Recent regulatory changes have now given credit unions much more flexibility to issue longer term loans. In addition, many credit unions are now in a position to provide mortgages to their members. The campaign will kick-start with the roll-out of personal loans followed by home improvement and car loans. The campaign is focused on letting people know that credit unions are not just for small, short term loans but that we can cater for bigger and longer term loans too. We’re open for your larger loan needs with our “Monster Loans”!

Swilly Mulroy Credit Union is embarking on the new campaign as part of its ongoing commitment to tailoring services and products to the specific needs of its members. Swilly Mulroy Credit Union has lent to the local Fanad community in the past 35 years. As local, ethical lenders, credit unions take the time to understand the member’s situation. A member of staff will ensure that the loan is suitable to the member’s needs and their particular financial circumstance.

The new campaign also comes in the wake of Swilly Mulroy Credit Union winning the 2019 national Customer Experience Awards, along with more than 240 credit unions across Ireland. Credit unions were ranked number one for customer experience for the fifth consecutive year in the CXi Ireland Customer Experience report, leading the way for qualities such as integrity, empathy and commitment to delivering services in line with members’ needs. So we know our members trust us and now we need them to know that we can provide larger loans than what they perceive or believe.

Commenting on the new campaign, James Coll, Manager of Swilly Mulroy Credit Union said: “We are inviting all our members to come in and see us, or pick up the phone and call us, about getting a larger loan. We are looking forward to discussing their plans for that house extension or green retrofit or indeed a new electric car! Or it might be the dream luxury around the world holiday! Whatever the reason, we have the size of loan to match your dreams.”

James continued “We want to ensure that all of our valued members, and people thinking of joining the credit union, are aware that not only are our loans straightforward, but that we cater for loans of all sizes including larger loans, more than people imagine.  There are no sneaky penalties for paying a loan back early, nor are there any scary hidden fees or charges on our loans. As we make decisions locally, we are happy to take the time to get to know the individual circumstances of all of our members.

For example, our new car loan, which comes with an affordable APR rate of 8.7%, has clear and transparent terms and conditions, and comes without the red tape and the balloon payments of a PCP agreement.

For further information, please contact Swilly Mulroy Credit Union on 07491 50188

*For a €10,000, 5 year variable interest rate loan with 260 weekly repayments of €48, an interest rate of 8.40%, a representative APR of 8.4%, the total amount payable by the member is €12,245.51. Information correct as 02/03/2020