Our Mission Statement

Our Mission:

Swilly Mulroy Credit Union is committed to and adamant that the people in our community are
key to its success and we want to continue growing that relationship in the locality. As we grow,
our dedication to excellence in the services we provide to our members will always remain our
main priority. Further to this, the ability to fulfil the financial needs of our members while maintaining the Credit Union ethos of; 'Not for profit, Not for charity, But for service’, are core to everything the organisation undertakes.

In order to fulfil this commitment, Swilly Mulroy Credit Union provide a wide array of financial services in conjunction with its enthusiastic volunteers and dedicated staff members. Under the guidance of the Board of Directors and general management, these financial services will be carried out in accordance with the regulations of the Central Bank of Ireland, the Irish League of Credit Unions and Swilly Mulroy Credit Unions own in-house legislations.

Subsequently, it can be stated that the works of Swilly Mulroy Credit Union will be competently, efficiently and professionally carried out in order to fulfil the mission statement.